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Lion City Meadery Longan & Red Dates Mead, 7% ABV

Longan & Red Dates Mead, 7% ABV — Review

This mead is part of the Liang Teh series, where dried longans and red dates that were specially rated for aroma and sweetness are added into the brew. This was the mead that won the Best In Singapore in Beerfest Asia 2023. This mead, like other seasonals from Lion City Meadery, will be gone once it is all sold out. Be warned!

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Nose: Dried longans are the dominant note on the nose. Alongside the concentrated, tropical fruit aroma of dried longans, there’s a deeply sweet honey and floral aroma - I think of osmanthus flowers and chrysanthemums. Comparing to the Classic Mead, I can barely catch any of the sour, tart aromas.

Palate: Right of, there’s the strong taste of Chinese red dates, skin and all. There’s is that medicinal bitterness from the skin of the Chinese red date, alongside its grassy sweetness. After the initial wave of red date flavours, I get the sticky sweet flavours of longan coming through. Texture wise, this mead is thick and syrupy.


Finish: The finish is very floral. The thickness of the mead lingers in the palate, retaining more longan flavours. There is also this wolfberry aroma that, while not as present on the palate, shows itself a lot more on the finish.

My Rating


Just like grandma used to make. It nails those homebrew aromas that are very nostalgic - hitting all the right spots for a liang teh. However, I have to caution that the tartness takes a backseat here and the sweetness takes the centre stage, so this may favour sweet tooths more.