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Engine Gin Italian Organic Gin, 42% ABV

If the idea of drinking from a gasoline can might seem somewhat discordant and potentially hazardous to you, Engine Gin might just challenge those preconceptions. 

Engine Gin is a brand of 100% organic gin made in Italy’s Alta Langa region - inspired by the golden era of 1970s motocross races and legendary racing vehicles. Consequently, the brand carries a tagline “fuelling the dream”, and bottles its gin in a uniquely, eye-catching metal jerry can modelled after your typical motorsport aesthetics.  

Made from wheat alcohol and spring water, this gin features 100% organic ingredients, many of which are sourced from across Italy. Although made in the London Dry Gin style, a quick glance at its botanicals might clue you into the fact that this gin would probably not be as juniper-leaning as most London Drys: key hero botanicals include lemon from the Amalfi coast, Alta Langa sage and Damask rose petals. The inclusion of such botanicals made sense, considering that this gin is inspired by the Piedmontese tradition of Rosolio, a disgestif cordial that is made from sage and lemon. 

I’m admittedly not a motorsports fan myself, but even I must admit that it makes for an pretty eye-catching packaging. At a recent Bar Convent event, I spotted the shiny red-blue tin can of Engine Gin perched conspicuously on top of a large Engine Tank, and made a beeline to try it for myself… 

An extra creative touch! Displayed next to the gin was a book of recommended cocktails designed like a vehicle repair manual. 

Known Botanicals: Lemons from sicily, licorice roots from Calabria, junipr berries from Tuscany, Salvia from Langhe Shire, essential oils, Damask rose from Piedmont.

Engine Gin Italian Organic Gin, 42% ABV - Tasting Notes

Nose: Very creamy and aromatic with definite citrus and herbal dimensions. I get bright citrus tones of fresh lemon and a rich herbaceousness of fresh cut grass, sage and juniper. 

Taste: This gin greets the palate with a bright citric twang of lemon and mandarin orange peels. There’s a sweetness of licorice root that melds with the citrus notes, reminding me of a mellow Seven Up drink. What’s striking about this gin are the nice herbal notes of sage and juniper. There’s also a mild bitterness to the gin that’s akin to the aftertaste of olive oil. 

Finish: Medium. Fades with warming licorice root and a subtle hint of juniper and citrus.



Overall Thoughts:

Overall, I liked this gin! The strong herbaceousness and earthy notes of sage might on its own become a bit too intense, but it's balanced and brightened nicely with citrus testiness. It’s quite a spot-on gin interpretation fo the flavors of Piedmonth, Italy!  

Engine Gin had a good depth of body with a decent amount of creaminess that I think would hold up well as a base in many cocktails. I would recommend playing to its strengths and utilising its herbal flavours in a dirty martini, or to add it into a simple tonic to accentuate its bitterness. 


Happy sipping!