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Nadar Gin


Being World Environment Day, featuring Nadar gin seems absolutely apt. Capitalising on the elements of nature, Nadar is distilled from peas. Whilst many gins utilise neutral grain or potato based spirits, Nadar uses peas, distilled purposefully at its Arbikie estate.

As I understand it, peas need no synthetic nitrogen fertiliser unlike the other wheat or potato based spirits. Simply means that without the nitrogen fertiliser, less carbon is emitted. All leftover pea protein is used to then feed animals. A real win-win!

A sniff of the bottle lends citrus dimensions. It’s got a vibrant and a tad bit of a floral funk to taste. Boasting flavours of lemongrass, mint and lime leaf, citrus notes dominates the gin with juniper meandering throughout.

A great step towards a sustainable effort! Enjoyed with a generous pour of soda with a slice of ginger.


Image courtesy of @Ginthanni.



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