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Liqueur Lowdown



Liqueur Lowdown is a series that gives you the lowdown on different types of popular liqueurs  – what they are, how they taste and how to use them in cocktails or otherwise! Liqueurs are a form of sweetened liquor that you can use to add flavor to your cocktails, or simply drink neat for a pre- and post-meal treat!


Brand: Hpnotiq

Company: Heaven Hill

ABV: 17% ABV

Flavour Classification: Fruit

Base Spirit: Vodka, Cognac

Country of Origin: New York, United States

What Is Hpnotiq? How Does Hpnotiq Taste?

Hpnotiq is an aqua-blue blend of triple pot still distilled vodka, cognac and a variety of fruit juices, including pineapple, grape, passionfruit and orange. Pronounced "Hop-Not-Ick", its a tropical liqueur that may remind you of sour passionfruit and mango gummies. There's a pithy bitter undertone on the finish.

How Was Hpnotiq Created?

Hpnotiq was invented by college drop out Raphael Yakoby after seeing a blue perfume at Bloomingdale's. To make this liqueur, French vodka is triple distilled, then blended together with five different types of oak-barrel matured cognac and a mixture of tropical fruit juices. The give unique cognacs include Grand Champagne, Petitie Champagne, Borferies, Fins Ordinaire and Fins Borferies.

Fun Fact

Hpnotiq gained fame in the 2000s after being featured in rap lyrics from Kanye West, Fabulous and Jay-Z. 

Other Variations / Substitutes?

If you're looking for a substitute with a similar blue-ish tint, give blue curacaos like Bols like a try. It's a citrus based liqueur with a subtle bitter note.

If you're looking for a variation, give Hpnotiq Harmonie a try. Also produced by Heavens Hill, its a pinkish-purple tinted version of the original Hpnotiq with the added infusion of lavender, violets and blueberries. 

How To Use Hpnotiq?

If you're looking to relive the buzz of the Y2K era, when the popularity of Hpnotiq was at its peak, you need to try this liqueur in a cocktail called Incredible Hulk, served specifically in Sean Combs restaurant chain Justin's in New York. 

  • Incredible Hulk: Mix equal parts Hennessy cognac and Hpnotiq and pour over ice.

Due to its refreshingly fruity aromas, Hpnotiq is often also consumed as a no-fuss flavor enhancer to mixers such as sodas like 7-Up and Spirte, tropical juices, and energy drinks like Red Bull.