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Angel's Envy's Master Distiller Presents Debut Expressions With First Cask Strength Rye


Angel's Envy's annual tradition of presenting cask strength bourbons is in its 12th edition, but this time it's going to be extra memorable - 2023's launch will be new Master Distiller Owen Martin's debut expressions.

Owen Martin had taken over the brand's co-founder and Lincoln Henderson who passed in 2013, and in his first showing, has selected to showcase a Cask Strength Port-finished Bourbon and a Cask Strength Rye, the latter of which is yet another first.

The first of the pair, the Angel's Envy 2023 Cask Strength Port-finished Bourbon weighs in at 118.2 Proof (59.1% ABV) and will deliver "a creamy profile with notes of cherry, marshmallow, and caramel on the palate with baking spice and red wine on the finish".

The Angel's Envy 2023 Cask Strength Rye is composed of a blend of two ryes - one part aged in Sauternes casks and the other in toasted oak barrels. The expression clocks in at 114.4 Proof (57.2% ABV), with notes of "pears, cream, and rye spice on the palate before giving way to a cream soda finish with notes of black tea and floral sweetness".

The new Angel's Envy pair of releases will be launched on 1 Dec 2023 with a total of 5,500 bottles of the Cask Strength Rye that is priced at US$270, and also 22,656 bottles of the Cask Strength Bourbon priced at US$230.



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