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Clase Azul Has A New San Luis Potosi Expression To Give You Mixed Feelings Over


Clase Azul is extending its mezcal range with a third expression - the Clase Azul San Luis Potosi.

San Luis Potosi is a reference to Mexico's Central Plateau where communities of mezcal producers have traditionally honed their craft, and thus the new expression is an homage to the historical Mexican state.


San Luis Potosi.


The new San Luis Potosi mezcal is crafted with agave salmiana, or green agave, which is native to the area, and the mezcal itself is produced in Estacion Ipina, which is a small community over about 250 residents. The mezcal is made by first steam cooking the agave in vaulted stone ovens, and then milling it in a Chilean mill and then double distilling it in copper stills.



The expression will be packaged in a handmade decanter made by Mexican artisans, and will come in deep-red colour that pays respect to the Huachichil nomads who reside in the region's deserts and traditionally wear red dye. It will also come with a hand-embroidered cap that features coloured yarn in a pattern that represents the mythical red finch.

The San Luis Potosi expression joins the existing Durango and Guerrero expressions in Clase Azul's lineup. 

It is bottled at 43% ABV and will retail for US$455.




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