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Dead Reckoning's First High Ester Release Is A Love Letter From Australia To The World


Dead Reckoning helmed by its captain Justin Boseley, sits at the focal point of Australia's rum scene as the first local independent bottler - of both rums abroad and rums made in Australia. With an incredibly diverse range of rum distilleries, it's fast becoming a scene that many are excited about.

Dead Reckoning has also added their own unique touch by ageing rums within Australia, allowing the climate down under to create its own influence, and also through the use of locally source wine and fortified wine barrels, that are again unique to Dead Reckoning.

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Nonetheless, they've got something very interesting in store - a bottling of white high ester rum from Australia's Killik Distillery, which has been touted by Dead Reckoning and producing some incredible white distillates.

Dead Reckoning's Killik bottling is a pot still, single retort, high ester "funky" rum that is a custom distillation for Dead Reckoning.


"Born in regional Victoria, Killik Handcrafted is a brand that’s rapidly gaining favour with rum drinkers looking for something ‘a bit different’. Killik are one of the few (but growing) number of Australian distilleries that are exploring muck and dunder in their rum production. 

Killik is a multiple medal winning Australian un-aged molasses based spirit that has been said to compare very favourably to those of similar styles from Jamaican legends Hampton and Worthy Park, DOK & HERR Savannah.

Strong hints of stone fruit, pear, vanilla custard, bubblegum & a touch of molasses."


The new release is bottled at 55% ABV, with a total outturn of just 355 bottles, and is focused on the US and EU markets and will be on shelves from 1st October 2023.

Check out Dead Reckoning's US and EU distributors for stock,

Europe - Zeewijck, Lucie Drinks

US - Spaghetti Western Imports




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