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Foursquare's New Equipoise ECS Balances Excitement With First Calvados Maturation


Another Foursquare Exceptional Cask Selection, so you know what that means - new vocab time!

This new label Foursquare Equipoise ECS Mark XXV takes its name from the word "Equipoise" to mean balance. It is a 14 year old pot and column blend expression that interestingly has been aged in ex-Bourbon and ex-Calvados barrels. It is bottled at 61% ABV.


To our knowledge this is the first time we're seeing a Foursquare that's been matured (in at least some part) in an ex-Calvados cask, although rumours have circled about such a maturation for the Bajan rum distillery for awhile now.




A state of balance.

A blend of rums distilled in the copper double retort pot still and the continuous twin column still of Foursquare and aged for 14 years in ex-bourbon and ex-calvados casks.


Notably, well-regarded Calvados maker Christian Drouin had last month released a 17 year old Calvados that enjoyed a secondary maturation in ex-Foursquare rum casks.

So while we don't know whose Calvados cask was used for the new Equipoise expression, we probably have a good guess.




88 Bamboo Team