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Grenada's Renegade Rum Makes Its Habitation Velier Debut


In a Habitation Velier and Grenada first, the much awaited Renegade Rum makes its debut appearance!

Renegade Rum is the terroir-driven Grenada-based project by none other than Mark Reynier of Bruichladdich fame, and has been a work in progress for several years now, having seen numerous single terroir white rum bottlings that seek to showcase the effects of terroir on rums, an ongoing theme that Reynier has carried with him from the world of wines to whiskies - Islay and Irish, and now rums.



This debut with Habitation Velier will feature a 2021 Renegade expression that has been aged for 2 years, and was distilled using Lacalome Red and Yellow Lady sugarcane varietals from Grenada's Upper Pearl area. Its tropical ageing comprises of three different cask types - 17% French Oak, 60% ex-Bourbon and 23% American New Oak. It is distilled using the Adam still, a combination of Pot and Double Retorts, and is bottled at 55% ABV, with an angel's share of at least 14%. 


Official Tasting Notes


Rich, heady. The floral (dandelion), honeyed, medicinal (ointment) and vanilla first nose is gradually filled with the exquisite fragrances of gum arabic. Allowed to breathe, fresh cane juice floods the aroma palette with its milky (coconut) and exotic (pineapple, kiwi) scents. Note of vetiver.


Lively, slender. The menthol attack is spicy (curry, cardamom, cinnamon), rooty (ginger) and syrupy (hot cane sugar). On the mid-palate, vanilla pod and squares of dark chocolate form a perfect pairing. A lovely rich bitterness.


Long, creamy. The start of the finish becomes deliciously tannic and fibrous (cane). The salty after-taste reveals compote (apple), saffron and autumnal (moss) dimensions. At the end of the finish, artichoke heart softens the flavour palette.





88 Bamboo Editorial Team