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Habitation Velier Brings Back Papa Rouyo - This Time Aged


Habitation Velier had previously released a white rum from the young upstart Papa Rouyo, but this time it's bringing back the rum from Guadeloupe but aged.

Papa Rouyo Distillery hails from Guadeloupe's Basse-Terre, and is is named after Charles Albert Ruscade, who was nicknamed "Papa Rouyo", a key figure in bringing sugarcane growing to Guadeloupe's Grande-Terre.

This new 1 Year Old expression was distilled in 2022, using R579 red sugar cane that is grown in Ecluse in north-west Guadeloupe, which was then aged in ex-Cognac casks.


Official Tasting Notes


Rich, concentrated. On the first nose, incredibly intense fragrances of honeysuckle take centre stage. Allowed to breathe, candied ginger and nutmeg notes accentuate the aroma palette’s heady character. Lingering on, aromas of cane sugar and precious wood are revealed (oak stave).


Clean, sharp. In stark contrast to the nose, the attack is vanilla and almost milky (yoghurt, crème fraîche). Candied citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit) and exotic fruit (pineapple, plantain banana) create a rich transition. The end of the palate is slightly fibrous.


Long, silky. The peach-skin-like finish returns to the candied ginger notes of the nose while developing creamy toffee flavours. Staying close to the sugar cane, the after-taste is refreshed with very fresh juice.


The new expression is course 100% pot still distilled, and is bottled at 57.2% ABV, with congeners registering 430.1 gr/hlpa, and an angel's share of at least 8%.




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