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Highland Park Adds Ceramic Bottled 15 Year Old Viking Heart to Core Range

What you need to know:

  • Highland Park brings back it’s 15 Year Old malt to the core range, this time in a gorgeous ceramic bottle, named “Viking Heart”.
  • The bottle was made in partnership with UK-based Wade Ceramics.
  • The malt comprises of a high percentage of first-fill ex-Sherry European Oak cask matured whisky, some first-fill ex-Sherry American Oak cask maturation, and a small proportion of refill casks.
  • Tasting notes: “A wild harmony of toasted cinnamon shards, mellow peat smoke, warm vanilla sponge cake, sun-kissed lemon zest, fresh pineapple and heather rich honey.”
  • If you see, get it.



Highland Park is bringing back a renewed 15 Year Old bottling to its core range. But wait, this time it’s special – the new 15 Year Old malt will be encased in a heavily embossed 700ml ceramic bottle. Trust us, it is insanely, eye-wateringly, I-must-have-one-now.

Before we get too carried away with what is inside (we jest), let’s just cover the obvious standout feature here – the bottle. The bottle itself was made in partnership with UK-based Wade Ceramics and takes inspiration from ancient earthenware vessels which were used to store whisky centuries ago at Highland Park Distillery.

If you haven't heard of Wade Ceramics, you might instead be more familiar with some of their other brands they've provided ceramic bottles for, from Johnnie Walker, Kraken Rum, to Chivas' Royal Salute.


Check out how they make these awesome ceramic bottles here.

Now, for what’s inside, the 15 Year Old comprises of a “high percentage” of first-fill European Oak, Sherry-seasoned of course, and also of first-fill American Oak, also Sherry-seasoned, and lastly a small proportion of refill casks.

We’re told to expect the first-fill European Oak to give the liquid dry, spicy notes, while the first-fill American Oak provides flavors of vanilla and crème brulee, with the remaining refill casks adding gentle heather peat and lightly fruity notes.


“Our insistence on specially constructed Sherry casks delivers a richness of flavour.

“Vanilla and citrus notes lead and combine with the unique fragrant peat and creamy mouthfeel synonymous with Highland Park.

“The hand selection of quality first-fill and refill casks for Highland Park 15 Year Old delivers a rich colour, which is 100% natural.”

- Gordon Motion, Highland Park’s Master Whisky Maker


(Image Source: Whiskybase)

The back label also tells us that the 15 Year Old Viking Heart is “a wild harmony of toasted cinnamon shards, mellow peat smoke, warm vanilla sponge cake, sun-kissed lemon zest, fresh pineapple and heather rich honey.”


Official Tasting Notes


Crème brûlée, heather honey, and crumbled cinnamon


Fresh pineapple and sun-kissed lemon balanced with warm vanilla notes of freshly-baked sponge cake and toasted cinnamon shards


 Full of citrus, vanilla notes, and aromatic peat smoke


This will be bottled at 44% abv and be available at an RRP of 80 GBP or 110 USD.


Our Take

Interestingly, back in April there were already images floating around of the launch of the new 15 Year Old Highland Park, but earlier images showed the same label on a glass bottle with the same embossed Viking-inspired design. It seems like the team might have managed to strike a partnership with Wade Ceramics to provide the new ceramic bottles just before the launch.

Whatever the case, this is certainly quite the looker and sounds like what’s inside is just as good as what’s on the outside. Generally I’m a big fan of fruity, sweet whiskies with a more velvety texture. 


Come on! Just look at that! Hitting all the right notes. (Image Source: Martin Markvardsen - Highland Park Senior Brand Ambassador, @hpmarkvardsen) 

Good bottle, good liquid, good price, it’s an easy buy from us. And best of all, you don’t have to rush to grab it because it’ll be part of the core range. No finger sprain in a mad bid to hit the “Check Out” button.

I think it’s also simply really good marketing from the team at HP to draw on something unique to the distillery’s history and to then realize it into a highly unique and interesting value proposition amidst an ocean of new releases. This one really stands out. If you see it, go for it.