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Hinomaru Whisky Blended Newborn 2022

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(Image Source: Hinomaru)


Hinomaru Whisky Blended Newborn 2022 from Kiuchi Shuzo, winner of the Gold Award in the Western liquor category of the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition (TWSC) 2022, is scheduled to go on sale in August 2022.

The release price is 5,500 yen (tax included). If there are too many applicants, the product will be sold by lottery.


The new Yasato Distillery. (Image Source: Hinomaru)


“Hinomaru Whisky” is a new attempt by Kiuchi Brewery, which is celebrating 200 years of sake brewing. Malt and grain whisky distilled at the column still Nukata distillery and pot still Yasato distillery, respectively, were matured in the nature at the eastern foot of Mt. Winner of the Gold Prize at the “Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2022” and the Japanese New Make Spirits Category Winner.


Product name

Hinomaru Whisky Blended Newborn 2022

Whisky Category Newborn
Ingredients Malt, Grain (made in Japan)
Cask type Casks
Sales quantity Limited quantity
ABV 48% (with a minimum of 2.5 percent alcohol)
Volume 700ml
Price 5,500 yen (tax included)
Producer Kiuchi Shuzo Co.


How To Purchase

Sales will begin in August 2022. Reservations will be made in advance, and sales will be conducted by lottery if there are too many applicants.

Currently, there is no web-based reservation form available (as of June 23, 2022).


About Kiuchi Brewery and Yasato Distillery

The Kiuchi Brewery began operations in 1823 in Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The company produces sake, shochu, wine, liqueur, and the craft beer “Hitachino Nest Beer”. In 2016, the company began producing a unique Hitachino whisky by utilizing “Kaneko Golden”, a fantastic Japanese beer wheat that was revived in the process of producing Hitachino Nest Beer. After maturation, it was first offered at directly managed stores, and in April 2019, commercialized as a highball in a can. To further explore Japanese whisky making, we built the “Yasato Distillery” at the foot of Mt. Tsukuba, which will begin operation in 2020.


Japan's Finest】 HITACHINO Craft Beer Single Bottle (White Ale / Lager / DAi  DAi IPA / Red Rice Ale) 【Ibaraki, JAPAN】 | Shopee Singapore

The highly popular Hitachino Nest Craft Beer by Kiuchi Brewery. (Image Source: Shopee)


The Yasato Distillery is located in the Yasato district of Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, at the eastern foot of Mount Tsukuba. The area has low annual rainfall and a large temperature difference between day and night, making it an area where high quality crops can be harvested. Kiuchi Brewery’s whisky is produced from this climate and the abundant, high-quality spring water from Mt. Tsukuba

The Yasato distillery was built in a renovated former community center in Ishioka City. The distillery was renovated from a former community center in Ishioka City, and all of the wood used for repairs was sourced from Ishioka, based on the belief that “only a distilling facility that fits in with the local area can produce whisky that is in tune with the climate”. (Reservations required.) Click here to make reservations for tours. Click here


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