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Kanosuke Celebrates Distillery Exclusive #10 With First Heavily Re-Charred Cask


While Kanosuke's whiskies have enjoyed broad popularity both as distillery bottlings of both flagship and limited editions such as the Artist Series, as well as numerous private buyers' single casks that have begun to surface, the distillery's longest running experimental Distillery Exclusive series has been kept ongoing, giving fans a peak into what is to come!

Now into #10, Kanosuke's Distillery Exclusive is a first Heavily Re-charred Cask that is said to give "sweet flavours of roasted pudding and the bitter aftertaste of the Fukayaki process, with the use of a re-charred cask that has been charred deeper than the standard re-charred cask".

This new edition, available for lottery from May 2024, was distilled in July 2020 and bottled in April 2024, made using UK malt, and was aged fully in Heavily Re-charred cask for the whole 45 months. A total of 2,085 bottles will be released.



Official Tasting Notes

Colour: Reddish Golden

Aroma: Dry Ginger / Baked Apple / Cinnamon / Strawberry / Malt

Taste: Medium-Bodied / Sweet & Spicy / Bitter Nuance / Baked Pudding

Finish: Sweetness & Bitterness of Soft Fruit


Enter Lottery On Kanosuke's Website Here


The new Kanosuke Distillery Exclusive #10 comes in a 200ml format as is the case for all bottlings from the series, and is bottled at 55% ABV, and will retail at 4,290 Yen (US$27.50).




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