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Kanosuke Gives Us Two For One With New Double Distillery Expression


Just as Kanosuke Distillery introduced last month whisky from its second distillery, Hioki, which it traditionally uses to produce its popular shochu's, Kanosuke is ready to show us how its two distilleries will go together in its new blended expression - Kanosuke Double Distillery, which will feature both Kanosuke and Hioki whisky.

While Kanosuke has largely gotten most of the whisky world's attention, its older distillery Hioki, which is located just a walk away from the Kanosuke Distillery, is still not quite as well-known within whisky circles. And that's because up till now we've not heard much from Hioki up until the Hioki Pot Still expression was released in December 2023. Nevertheless, be ready to see more from Hioki as the distillery has been retrofitted to cater to greater whisky demand, with its very own pot stills, and seeing more operational use for whiskymaking in lieu of shochu-making.



The blend of of Kanosuke single malt and Hioki pot still whisky is aged together at Kanosuke Distillery using Re-charred Ex-Mellowed Kozuru Shochu casks, Virgin American White Oak casks, Bourbon barrels and Sherry casks, and then bottled at 53% ABV.

Official Tasting Notes

Color: Tortoiseshell
Aroma: Sweet vanilla, mint, lemongrass, apricot, melon, peach
Taste: Rich sweetness, cloves, black tea, mandarin orange, cinnamon
Finish: Moderate oaky, rich fruit aroma , soft and bitter aftertaste




Contributors from 88 Bamboo were fortunate to have attended a Kanosuke Masterclass in December where they were able to get first sip at the new Double Distillery blended expression, with their tasting notes attached below.


Kanosuke Double Distillery Japanese Whisky Tasting Notes from 88 Bamboo: 

Aroma: Here we got a lighter gold colour, with gentle scents of honey, plum, apricots as well as quite a bit of mint and chalkiness on the nose.

Taste: On the palate, surprisingly bright and vibrant, with an outpouring of honey, orange marmalade, red apples, cinnamon sugar, black tea, and more on salted caramel and licorice. It started off spicy and heavy flavoured with lots of depth, fruits and sweetness, before more mint and cloves.

Finish: On the finish, more of that honey lemon candy, then a more herbal and herbaceous quality of eucalyptus and mint. 




88 Bamboo Editorial Team