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La Maison & Velier Heads Back To Australia For Third Dibs With New Beenleigh 2013


La Maison & Velier (LM&V) brought Australian rum distillery Beenleigh to the fold in 2021, having brought us two very interesting expressions: a 2006 15 Year Old expression (one of the oldest from the distillery), and a 2015 5 Year Old that  curiously featured a new term to the rum literature - "Arid / Desert Maturation".

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As we learnt from Justin Boseley of Dead Reckoning, an Australian rum independent bottler, in specific areas of Australia, climates can feature a mix of high temperatures and low humidity which has the effect of actually raising a distillate's ABV whilst maturing in the cask - an effect known as "Australian Dry Ageing".

This time it seems like LM&V is back for another round of Beenleigh's with a 2013 10 Year Old expression, distilled in 2013 and bottled in 2023, with an angel's share > 25%, and bottled at 59% ABV.



This third Beenleigh bottling under the LM&V banner tells us that it experienced tropical ageing at Eagleby, Queensland, rather than the distillery's Renmark site which was where the previous 2015 5 Year Old "Arid / Desert Maturation" expression was aged.

We're also told from the label that the new expression was distilled in a single column and re-distilled in a copper pot still, before it was matured in an ex-Bourbon barrel for 10 years.


Images courtesy of Beenleigh.




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