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Lakes Distillery is on fire with new Whiskymaker’s Edition, Miramar

What you need to know:

  • UK-based Lakes Distillery is back with its third installment of their Whiskymaker’s Edition, titled “Miramar”.
  • This is in partnership with online spirits merchant Master of Malt.
  • It is “fruity and lively” and looks to evoke panoramic ocean views and dusk skies, a combination of ex-Bourbon and Port pipe matured malts.
  • This follows from Le Goûter which was just released last month in partnership with departmental store Harvey Nichols.


(Image Source: Lakes Distillery)


It felt like just a few weeks ago that Lakes Distillery released the second edition of its Whiskymaker’s Edition; a range that features their more experimental bottlings (basically away from their usual Sherry matured expressions).

Oh wait, it has been just a few weeks. What is time anymore?


(Image Source: Lakes Distillery)


Just to recap, it was the Le Goûter last time we heard from Lakes. You can read about it here.

But more importantly, they’re back with a third instalment: Miramar. This time it is in partnership with online spirits retailer Master of Malt.


“Reminiscent of a time where panoramic ocean views progressively, irreversibly, transform before your very eyes, together with old friends, you surrender to evolution, letting destiny take care of itself.

As shadows lengthen and day drifts toward dusk, it is here, among moments of blissful spontaneity where Miramar’s perfect balance and versatility come to life.”

- Dhavall Gandhi,

Master Distiller of Lakes Distillery


Picture this: French lady stopping me from eating this "wrong". "Wrong" and this pot of mussels are just grammatically incorrect. (Image Source: BBC)


These editions always come with some nice labels that I must say. Reminds me of the summer evenings I spent in the south of France, strolling seaside to have some Moules Marinières (mussels cooked in white wine and served with slices of baguette) only to be lectured by a French lady sitting next to me who said I was butchering the dish.


(Image Source: Lakes Distillery)

The new expression is a decidedly “fruity and lively” single malt bottled at 54% ABV and is a one-off release limited to 600 bottles.


“Miramar is versatile and expansive, bursting with stone fruit character contrasted with comforting vanilla and hints of gentle spice.

Layers of intricately woven flavours bring about a perfumed elegance with accentuated notes of Santa Rosa plums, morello cherries, honeyed fruits and toasted malts.” - Gandhi


The expression is inspired by and hopes to evoke panoramic ocean views and dusk skies with its flavors stemming from a combination of ex-Bourbon casks and Port pipes.



Official Notes from Master of Malt:


Dried cherry, brandy snaps, fresh peaches, a waft of sea air and a touch of buttery malt. 


Salted caramel tart, red plums, softly toasted barley, cinnamon, orange oil, still subtly coastal.


Lingering hints honey and stewed fruits last on the finish.