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Laphroaig Elements 2.0 Brings Us The Fruit With Extended Fermentation


Earlier in the year, we got the debut of a new experimental series from Laphroaig - the Laphroaig Elements L series, the goal of which was to showcase "a series of surprising whiskies revealing new dimensions of Laphroaig". 

And we're all for those experimental expressions.

L1.0 focused on experimentation during the mashing and fermentation stages by using two types of wort, as well as both old and new style mash tuns. This is said to give the new expression a greater tropical fruit note, without losing any of the signature maritime peatiness. 

With L1.0 released and enjoyed, Laphroaig is back with Elements L2.0.



"Laphroaig Elements redefines what our whisky can be. The second in the series, Elements 2.0, embraces a radically extended fermentation time that allows more flavour to evolve from the malted barley.

With 115 hours of fermentation - over twice the normal time - Elements 2.0 is a daring experiment that reveals sweeter fruit notes and a softer peated style, with the warm smokiness of our Islay single malt."


The new expression is bottled at a blockbuster 59.6% ABV.





88 Bamboo Editorial Team