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Liqueur Maison Grand Marnier Unveils Rare Quintessence Aged Up To 70 Years


Founded by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle in 1880, renowned French liqueur maison Grand Marnier is synonymous with its distinctive blend of smooth cognac and the zest of bitter oranges. 

The formula was created when Marnier-Lapostolle experimented with combining the warmth and complexity of French Cognac with the exoticism of Citrus Bigaradia, a variety of bitter, aromatic orange. This resulted in a groundbreaking fusion: the cognac absorbed the rich, vibrant essence of the citrus, creating a liqueur that not only tantalised the palate but also preserved the captivating fragrance of these unique oranges. 



Grand Marnier has just announced the launch of its new ultra-premium Exceptional Range with the debut of the Grand Cuvée Quintessence.

This release represents a remarkable journey into the liqueur house's depths of history, showcasing a selection of the rarest and oldest family reserves of hors d'âge Cognacs, aged up to 70 years and sourced from Grande Champagne.



This blend is a selection from 11 barrels, including two distilled in 1947, and three demijohns from Paradis that are believed to be even older. These are treasures from the personal reserves of the Marnier Lapostolle family cellar, making each bottle a piece of history.

“It’s a rare experience to drink this, even to imagine this kind of cognac is rare. The sensation, the feeling, the perception of what you smell, it is unforgettable." said Master Blender Patrick Raguenaud.

Master Blender Patrick Raguenaud personally created this expression, infusing the spirit with Bigaradia orange peels, mascerating them and double-distilling them, a process that imparts complex notes of dry fruits, like apricot and walnut, complimenting the warm, dark vanilla base of Cognac. The Quintessence is said to be inspired by an old recipe founded by Raguenaud, where the Bigaradia orange was macerated in Cognac.



Interested purchasers will find that the Grand Cuvée Quintessence comes in an exquisite packaging. Each bottle is a unique decanter, mouthblown by renowned glass artisans at Baccarat at 1450 degrees. The bottle boasts a hypnotic twist design and a hand-made stopper, and pays homage to the iconic original bottle of Grand Marnier. Each bottle also comes in a box with crystal handles.

Only 500 bottles are available worldwide, with just 48 in Singapore. Priced at S$3,888, the Quintessence can be purchased only through Campari Group’s RARE Division. Interested buyers should reach out to sales representative Cathy Sun at Cathy.Sun@campari.com for this limited edition bottling.


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