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Macallan Debuts New Harmony Collection Starting With Rich Cacao

What you need to know:

  • Macallan debuts its new Harmony Collection which spotlights the distillery's progress towards sustainability through innovative uses of new techniques and natural materials to package its single malt.
  • The first of the series is "Rich Cacao", which was created in collaboration with Jordi Roca, of the famous two-time Best Restaurant in the World, El Celler de Can Roca, and his chocolate factory, Casa Cacao, in Girona, Spain.
  • The new release will feature fully recyclable labels and presentation boxes uniquely made of discarded husks of cacao pods.
  • Polly Logan, Whisky Maker for Macallan, handpicked Sherry casks that featured a rarer chocolate note for the release. The final expression was created through a combination of European and American oak casks for a deep, dark chocolate profile. Full tasting notes below!
  • This will be released globally in October 2021.
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(Image Source: The Macallan, Prestige HK)


"The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao is a wonderful expression which brings together the world of whisky with the fascinating world of chocolate"

- Polly Logan, Whisky Maker for Macallan


As everyone knows, the color of the decade is green. By which I mean sustainability. The whisky industry is no different, we’ve seen no lack of news about sustainable corks, renewable energy to power distilleries, even distilleries going net zero


The new Rich Cacao of the Harmony Collection features a 100% recyclable label and presentation box made of discarded husks of cacao pods. (Image Source: The Macallan)

Not to be bested, Macallan has unveiled The Macallan Harmony Collection, which will focus on the brand’s progress towards sustainable packaging through innovation in techniques and use of natural materials. This will be an annual limited release series. 

Read about The Macallan Distillery here.


(Image Source: The Macallan)

The first in line is titled “Rich Cacao”, where Macallan takes inspiration from the chocolate-making process to create fully recyclable labels and presentation boxes made using natural by-products of the process such as discarded husks from cacao pods. 

To create the expression, Macallan Whisky Maker, Polly Logan, embarked on a journey to Girona, Spain, to learn about the chocolate-making process and collaborated with Jordi Roca, of the world famous Roca brothers from El Celler de Can Roca (two-time named Best Restaurant in the World), with whom Macallan has long collaborated with. The distillery last collaborated with the Roca brothers in producing the Macallan Edition No. 2 of the Editions Series.


"Working in collaboration with Jordi Roca, acknowledged as one of the best and most creative pastry chefs in the world, and with exceptional chocolatier, Damian Allsop, I went on a journey of discovery, learning of the craftsmanship, passion and creativity which goes into making chocolate."

- Polly Logan


Jordi Roca's Casa Cacao based in Girona, Spain. (Image Source: Hotel Casa Cacao)

Polly visited Jordi Roca’s chocolate factory in Girona, Casa Cacao, and also worked with the factory’s master chocolatier, Damian Allsop, who also previously worked with famed chefs Gordon Ramsey and Giorgio Locatelli, as Head of Pastry.


"Our collaboration with The Macallan allows us to challenge our own creativity, and in this project, we have been allowed to play with cacao, which is one of my passions. Being able to inspire a whisky and to create a unique tasting experience has been wonderful."

- Jordi Roca


Casa Cacao is led by master chocolatier, Damian Allsop. (Image Source: The Macallan)

Through the experience, Polly searched for Sherry seasoned oak casks maturing at The Macallan Estate which expressed deep chocolate notes. The final expression was created through a combination of European and American oak casks to showcase an indulgent single malt that featured a deep, dark chocolate profile.


"For this expression, I sought out a specific chocolate note in The Macallan's traditional sherry seasoned European oak casks and combined this with a vanilla note imparted by sherry seasoned American oak casks to sweeten the slightly bitter chocolate note I had found.

This exquisite single malt offers a delightful whisky and chocolate pairing experience and the chance to elevate The Macallan experience to a new dimension"

- Polly Logan


What you can expect from a meal at two-time Best Restaurant in the World, El Celler de Can Roca. (Image Source: Royist)

Official Tasting Notes
Toasted cacao beans
Chocolate fondant, honey, oak, zesty lime and ginger
Dark chocolate, honey, dates, vanilla and cinnamon
Long with rich chocolate


The bottle will be launched globally in October 2021.

As part of this release, Macallan is also collaborating with luxury chocolate brand, Compartés Chocolate, to create a chocolate pairing set for the single malt. Only 200 of such sets will be released for purchase and will contain 10 pieces of custom-made chocolate from the chocolatier and a pairing guide to take you through the tasting journey.


Macallan will collaborate with luxury chocolate brand, Compartés Chocolate, to custom make 200 sets of chocolate pairing sets to go with the new single malt. (Image Source: The Macallan) 


Our Take

It's certainly nice to see the whisky industry step up and do their part for sustainability. I do believe this is one of the few things in the world today that cuts across any and all industries and everyone can do their part. No questions.

Of the many sustainability efforts we've seen, this one certainly is interesting - labels made of discarded husks from cacao pods. I've definitely not seen this one before and it's pretty successful in making me really curious as to what else we'll see come out of The Harmony Collection.


It'll surprise most people to know that unprocessed chocolate or cacao comes in pods that look like this. The white pulp encases seeds that are fermented, dried and then roasted to be processed into the chocolate you're familiar with. (Image Source: Maui Now)

As for the whisky itself, it sounds like Macallan's usual formula but definitely I'd be curious as to whether there really is a difference given that this malt supposedly uses "rare sherry casks expressing chocolate notes", or if I'm just paying for the interesting concept and cool label and presentation box.

Definitely gonna be an interesting one, so keep a look out for this bottle.

So far no mention of how many bottles will be released but given that it is due to be released globally, should be fairly easy to get hands on.

Cop The Drop or Not Verdict: Cop