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Mijenta's Cult Gran Reserva Anejo Is Back, Baby!



Mijenta Tequila first launched its most sought after expression - the 18 Month Aged Gran Reserva Anejo back in 2022. It was sold out in record tequila time.

The Anejo features a blend of components aged across cask types ranging from American White Oak, French Oak, Acacia and Cherry, which is then married together and aged for 18 months.

But it's baaaack!


“We’re thrilled that the first batch of our Añejo was a favorite among such an ardent community of tequila lovers. We believe our Añejo is unlike anything else on the market and reflects the incredible care and intention that we put into every aspect of the brand,” says Mike Dolan, co-founder of Mijenta Tequila.



Official Tasting Notes


Full-bodied with an intense golden color and copper tones that shine vibrantly on the glass unveiling the harmonious maturation process.


Elegant notes of cacao nib aromas with layers of butterscotch, cooked agave, and hints of tobacco.


Smooth and velvety with an array of complex flavors ranging from dried fruits to spices and coffee.


The 18 Month expression retails for US$199.99 and is currently on sale in the US. 



88 Bamboo Editorial Team