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Old Forester Adds 1924 10 Year Old Expression To Popular Whiskey Row Series


Old Forester is extending its Whiskey Row series to a fifth landmark expression - the Old Forester 1924 10 Year Old.

Old Forester's Whiskey Row invites bourbon lovers to taste their way through Old Forester's history with each unique expression, each named after a year that commemorates a particular event that's historically significant in Old Forester's history.



Old Forester's Whiskey Row Series. 


The new 1924 expression tells us that "In 1924, Owsley Brown took barrels of whiskey with different mash bills in a warehouse on Howard Street in Louisbille, KY and bottled them as Old Forest. This 10-year-old expression honors the 100th anniversary of this occasion.

The new 10 Year Old expression is bottled at 100 Proof (or 50% ABV).



Images courtesy of Old Forester.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team



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