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Old Forester Gives Us The Best Father's Day Surprise - A Bourbon One


Arguably one of Old Forester's most sought after expressions - the beloved Kentucky Bourbon-maker has decided to drop in on the Father's Day celebration with the Old Forester President's Choice!

In what is as a flash release, the distillery announced that bottles stemming from several single barrels will be sold on the distillery's website at 10 AM, June 12th 2024.



The President's Choice is a single barrel expression that is historically hand selected by the company's President. It was inspired by the first private single barrels to be offered in the Bourbon industry that happened in 1964, when Old Forester's then President, George Gavin Brown II, had personally selected such single barrels for bottling and sale. The practice is today common in the Bourbon industry, with Old Forester having set the standard.

President's Choice expressions are aged between 7 - 12 years old and will vary within 105 - 120 Proof (57.5% - 60% ABV).

The Old Forester President's Choice will retail for US$225.



88 Bamboo Editorial Team