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Old Forester's Birthday Bourbon Sweepstakes Gets Ready For 2023 Kick Off


Every year since 2002, Old Forester has commemorated the birthday of the distillery's founder George Garvin Brown with the release of an annual edition of the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.

The release for this highly anticipated and sought after expression is usually done via sweepstakes - which is available HERE on September 2nd 2023.

This year's release will see a 2011 barrelled and 2023 bottled, 12 Year Old 96 Proof (48% ABV) expression, and will mark the 153rd year since George Garvin Brown established the distillery.



Official Tasting Notes


Bright candied citrus and floral overtones, rich turbinado sugar and roasted coffee beans, and slight cedar and charred oak.


Subtle citrus with heavy notes of dark honey, molasses, and charred oak.


Dry toasty oaked caramel with lingering bittersweet tannins.



Stay tuned for more details!



88 Bamboo Editorial Team