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Precious Liquors And East Asia Whisky Company Brings Out New Tortuguita Hampden Expression


Spirits bottlers and distributors Precious Liquors and East Asia Whisky Company is out with a new Tortuguita Jamaican rum expression that hopes to follow in the trail of the highly sought after Tortuga range that captured parcels of Caroni rums.

The new Tortuguita expression, meaning "little turtle", will see its first edition as a 2012 Hampden OWH mark Jamaican rum that is bottled at 11 Years Old and 57.1% ABV, limited to 270 bottles.


Official Tasting Notes


This is a light style Hampden with dried bananas, apricots and some liquorice mixed with slight petroleum scent, some tar and lovely sweet sensation.


More serious, more funky, dried bananas again, some nail polish and tobacco leaves.


Medium to long with obvious chemical and herbal notes.


The new Tortuguita expression is currently available via Precious Liquors and East Asia Whisky Company (info@eastasiawhiskyco.com).



88 Bamboo Editorial Team