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Precious Liquors Presents A Pair Of Guyana Cats: Diamond 1996 & Enmore 1994


Precious Liquors is presenting a new set of two Guyana rums, nicknamed "Guyana Cats" - because who doesn't love cats.

The pair of bottlings will feature a White Cat and a Black Cat and are inspired by the yin-yang contrast between the two Demerara styles bottled.


The White Cat, a Diamond 1996 28 Year Old Pot & Column Still expression, showcases a lighter style, featuring softer, sweeter notes. This is bottled at a higher proof of 53.3% ABV.

Tasting Notes (White Cat Diamond 1996 - Cask #3)

Deep golden color at first glance. First nose brings you soft, sweet notes Portuguese Pasteis de Nata like, digging deeper you will find a load of fruits but more on the cooked side, apricot jam sprinkled with caramel…it is getting more interesting now…

Palate gives you obvious vanilla at first but then…wait…Guyana style rum with lively esters showing more fruits and more chemical side…wood polish.

The finish is medium to long with predominant fruitiness and soft tannins balancing the sweetness. Great sipping rum!” 



The Black Cat, an Enmore REV mark 1994 29 Year Old Versailles Wood Still expression, conversely showcases a heavier style of rum, with intense dense dark fruits, leather, tobacco and more herbal flavours. This is bottled at a lower proof of 49.2% ABV. This comes from the last year of Enmore's operations.

Tasting Notes (Black Cat Enmore 1994 - Cash #65)

“Dark brown with intense deep amber nuance. The nose is exploding with dried fruits, plums, figs and surprisingly…elder flowers and slightly perfumed scents, to be balanced with heavy leathery, fermented tobacco and herbal notes.

The palate is something we could fall in love for (if the one likes heavy rums). Dried fruits again but dark chocolate with cardamom cuts it fast, replacing with more herbal sensation, to leave the pleasant chemical finish.

This is a dram which needs time to spend with. It evolves in the glass giving multiple layers of pleasure.”




88 Bamboo Editorial Team