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Put Your Hands Together For Ardbeg Spectacular - An Ardbeg Day Special!


Scratch that, put your hands together for the Ardbeg marketing team for keeping up the pace of having a new release every week now! That's some hardwork and dedication!

But it is certainly well appreciated.

Hot off the heels of Ardbeg Y2K, we've got Ardbeg Spectacular!

What so spectacular you ask? Ardbeg calls its a phenolic phenomenon.


"Introducing Ardbeg Spectacular - a Distillery first! A rare spirit matured in the finished port wine casks and classic ex-bourbon, this whisky binds together smoky peat with devilish sweet. Brave a sip and experience the flabberagasting flavours in this inimitable Ardbeg."



On the back label, we're also told to expect "a spectacle of flavours".

"Matured in highly sought-after port wine casks and classic ex-bourbon barrels, Ardbeg Spectacular is a whisky with a BIG mouthfeel. Step into a world of bizarre and complex flavours and delight in a peaty performance on the palate.

In Ardbeg Spectacular, smoky pear crumble and cooling menthol twist into notes of incense candles, perfumed lavender and antique leather. A curiosity sure to shock the world of distilling, this dram reveals itself for one day only - Ardbeg Day."


Be back here same time next week for another Ardbeg new release? We jest!



88 Bamboo Editorial Team