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Santa Teresa Rum Is Launching Its First Speyside Whisky Cask Finished Rum

Santa Teresa, an award-winning blended Venezuelan super premium aged rum brand, is launching the Santa Teresa 1796 Speyside Cask Whisky Finish. This limited-edition rum will be finished in Speyside whisky casks, curated by maestra ronera, Nancy Duarte. It will mark the brand's inaugural release within the exclusive triple-aged Solera Rum series, Santa Teresa 1796.

Inspired by both Venezuela and the Scottish Highlands, Santa Teresa 1796 Speyside Whisky Cask Finish has been crafted using a rare 13-month finishing process in casks previously used for Speyside Whisky. 

This distinctive approach sets it apart as one the of the world's only rums to be made this way. Its extended maturation. in conjunction with Santa Teresa 1796's signature Solera Method, renowned for its use in sherry production, results in a drier, more balanced flavor. As the original cask is never emptied, this process ensures that every bottle carries echoes of the very first 1796 cask.

Official Tasting Notes

APPEARANCE: Deep reddish amber.

NOSE: Whisky-cask aging imparts a distinctively rich aroma of whisky accentuated by caramelized brown sugar with undertones of baked fruit, woody spice, and light notes of smoke.

PALATE: Familiar tastes of toffee and sugarcane honey blend with apricot, dried fruit, almonds, and dark chocolate, giving way to notes of malted barley and wood with a hint of smoke.

FINISH: The long dry finish evaporates into tingling notes of black pepper.

The new expression is said to have a rich amber hue with a sweet yet smoky aroma and flavor rprofile. Its palate reveals notes of toffee, sugarcane honey, malted barley, hints of apricot and dried fruits, caramelized almonds, and a touch of dark chocolate, culminating in an exceptionally dry finish with a subtle black pepper tingle.

The Santa Teresa 1796 Speyside Whisky Cask Finish will be available both in-store and online at www.buysantateresarum.com or Drizly SRP US$49.99.




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