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Signature Reserve Bar Unveils 40-Year-Old Duncan Taylor Port Ellen 1983 Whisky in Singapore


One of Singapore's largest whisky specialty bar, Signature Reserve, has announced the release of a rare limited edition Port Ellen 1983, a 40-year-old single malt from Duncan Taylor's Rarest Collection series. Considering Port Ellen's reputation as a cult ghost distillery, this rare release marks a significant addition to the bar's impressive selection of aged spirits. It also underscores the collaboration between Duncan Taylor's whisky bottling reputation and Signature Reserve's presence in the Singaporean market.

Duncan Taylor has a storied past of bottling numerous rare Scotch whiskies, and the Port Ellen 1983 is the latest testament to this tradition.

Accompanying this Port Ellen are two other notable Scotch whiskies from Duncan Taylor's collection: a 31-year-old Bowmore 1982 and the 43-year-old Bunnahabhain 1969, both part of the Duncan Taylor Tantalus range. Each of these expressions brings its own unique story and flavour profile to the shelves of Signature Reserve.



Prices reflect the rarity and age of the spirits, with the Port Ellen 1983 positioned at S$7,680. The Bunnahabhain and Bowmore are priced at S$2,880 and S$2,630, respectively, offering a range of options for those looking to indulge in a piece of whisky history.



For those eager to secure their bottle, pre-orders are currently open at Signature Reserve's online platform, whiskystore.com.sg. Interested buyers are encouraged to act promptly to add these rare expressions to their collections.

Signature Reserve's strategic partnership with Duncan Taylor is poised to enrich the Singaporean whisky scene, bringing together the best of historic Scottish whisky-making with the discerning taste of local enthusiasts. Keep an eye on Signature Reserve's offerings, as the bar continues to serve as a pivotal destination for the whisky community in Singapore!


88 Bamboo Editorial Team