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Suntory Sponsors BARTENDER: Glass of Gods Anime, Award Winning Cocktail to be Featured

Suntory Spirits Limited, the arm that manages the alcoholic beverages under Suntory Holdings Limited, will be sponsoring as well as supervising the BARTENDER: Glass of God anime, that is set to premiere in Japan in April 2024.


Teaser Visual. Source: Crunchyroll


The BARTENDER: Glass of God anime (BARTENDER: 神のグラス) is an anime series adapted from the manga series Bartender, written by Araki Joh and illustrated by Kenji Nagatomo. The anime will be directed by Ryoichi Kuraya at Liber INC. with Mariko Kunisawa in charge of series composition and Youichi Ueda who drew the character designs.

BARTENDER: Glass of God is a sequel to the Bartender anime that aired 2006, titled Bartender that ran for 11 episodes. The anime was directed by Masaki Watanabe and written by Yasuhiro Imagawa.


Source: IMDB

The anime follows a bartender prodigy Ryuu Sasakura, who shakes up the right cocktail and gives just the right advice to his troubled customers in his bar, Eden Hall.

Watch the trailer for the anime here.

Suntory will be featured in collaborations in the anime as well as ensuring that information on alcoholic beverages is presented correctly. The award winning cocktail of the Suntory Cocktail Award 2023 will be featured in the anime as well.

Source: Suntory Cocktail Award 2023 Application Form

More on Bartender

Bartender started serialisation on May 2004 and published its final volume on February 2012. Ryuu's cocktails were dubbed to the the best cocktail that any customer has drunk, hence his cocktails were given the title "glass of gods". 

Bartender Chapter 1: A Tender Stool

Suntory's whiskies have been featured in the Bartender manga before, like the Suntory Kakubin Whisky in Chapter 23: Menu of the Heart. This chapter was also featured in episode two of the 2006 anime.

Suntory Kakubin as seen in Chapter 23: Menu of the Heart.

After Bartender, Araki Joh wrote a few spinoffs of the main series: Bartender à Paris, Bartender à Tokyo, and Bartender 6stp. Araki Joh also wrote Sommelière, which focused on wine instead of cocktails.


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