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Talisker gets some new green clothes! Sustainable packaging drives makeover!

What you need to know:

  • Talisker, and parent company Diageo, as part of 10 year sustainability plan, are making concrete changes to how things are done.
  • Talisker will boast a new set of packaging that will help reduce packaging weight and material usage, while also changing its cork from plastic to wood to increase recyclability.
  • The new label is clever, creative and enhances the overall aesthetic of the bottle, we like it! It features the coastline on which Talisker distillery is located, cleverly reducing the size of the label.
  • New clothes, same prices!


The new Talisker sustainable packaging (left) contrasted with the soon-to-be old packaging (right). I rather like the new one, it certainly looks more modern and distinctive. (Image Source: IG @drinks_geek)

In line with parent company Diageo’s commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, Talisker is set to receive a brand new set of clothes! If you haven’t heard, green is the new black. 

The new packaging will reduce packaging weight by 6%, which should push Talisker closer to achieving their goal of lowering material usage by 28 tonnes annually (all that paper adds up when you’re a booming distillery with bottles flying out the door). 

The recyclability of the product has also been increased by 99.8% by weight, while plastic components have been reduced by 86%. A wood stopper will replace the current plastic stopper, something we’ve been hearing about from our stopper-guys at Amorim.


The new boxes (left) contrasted with the phased out boxes (right). Now I can finally kick that nasty habit of accidentally picking up the Skye when I really wanted the Storm! (Image Source: IG @drinks_geek)

The eventual 10 year plan should culminate with Talisker utilizing 100% recyclable packaging by 2030, and also achieving significant strides when it comes to zero waste across its supply chain. 

The Isle of Skye distillery has gone fairly holistic with their sustainable goals, also announcing a partnership with non-profit organization Parley for the Oceans, on a three-year scheme seeking to protect marine environments.


Our Take 

Does anyone actually disagree to sustainability? That’s like saying you don’t like puppies, you monster!

Well it’s always good to see this industry, as with any industry, take greater efforts to becoming more sustainable. And I think more importantly what they’ve done here is show that no matter what business you’re in, there’s certainly something to be done. In one way or the other, it adds up y’know, you alcoholics!


Pretty smart wouldn't you agree? Less paper, more brand information.

And all of these efforts need not come at a cost if properly planned out, the bottles are no more expensive than usual and this packaging refresh looks really smart. The bottles along the range look far more harmonized and the cleverly torn label (in the shape of the coast where Talisker distillery resides) is really distinctive and enhances the look in a much more sharp and modern way.

Talisker has set a high bar, with a dash of creativity and a heart of green.