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The New Macallan Harmony Collection Inspired By Intense Arabica

What you need to know:

  • The second instalment of Macallan's eco-conscious The Harmony Collection brings us the Macallan Inspired By Intense Arabica.
  • The Harmony Collection, an annual release, is part of the Scotch brand's drive to explore more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging through innovation in techniques and use of natural materials.
  • The new launch will see Macallan work with coffee experts to incorporate discarded coffee bean husks into its packaging.
  • The whisky itself was aged in both European and American oak casks which are said to deliver notes reminiscent of a "divinely sweet yet strong espresso". It is bottled at 44% ABV, the same as the Rich Cacao.
  • Cop the Drop or Not Verdict: Cop At RRP 


(Image Source: US TTB)


The second instalment to Macallan's eco-conscious Harmony Collection is here! Snuck through the US TTB, which is the agency that approves alcohol and spirits imported into the US, we find the new Macallan Harmony Collection Inspired By Intense Arabica, which follows the inaugural Rich Cacao.

The Macallan Harmony Collection was created to focus on the Scotch brand’s progress towards sustainable packaging through innovation in techniques and use of natural materials. This will be an annual limited release series. 


The inaugural release of The Harmony Collection, Rich Cacao. (Image Source: Vogue)


Last year's Rich Cacao saw the which packaged and labelled in a very interesting eco material that incorporated the husk of the cacao fruit. The whisky itself was said to be selected to exhibit deep, rich cacao notes. 

To create the expression, Macallan Whisky Maker, Polly Logan, embarked on a journey to Girona, Spain, to learn about the chocolate-making process and collaborated with Jordi Roca, of the world famous Roca brothers from El Celler de Can Roca (two-time named Best Restaurant in the World), with whom Macallan has long collaborated with. The distillery last collaborated with the Roca brothers in producing the Macallan Edition No. 2 of the Editions Series.

Thus far, Macallan has yet to divulge more details about the new Inspired by Intense Arabica, a nod to one of the most popular coffee bean varieties.

What we do know from the labels is that the latest expression will be bottled at 44% ABV (same as the Rich Cacao edition), and was developed "in collaboration with inspiring masters from the world of coffee", and was matured in Sherry seasoned oak casks.


(Image Source: US TTB)


We're also told,


"The Macallan "Inspired by Intense Arabica" release is a celebration of the world of coffee and the incredible journey of the coffee bean.

The Macallan, together with experts specialising in the coffee ecosystem have united to share knowledge, creativity, and passion to bring this exciting concept to life. In the quest to discovered sustainable packaging , discarded coffee bean husks have been given a second lease of life to create this innovative presentation box which encases a unique whisky.

Our whisky maker Steven Bremner has taken inspiration from the Arabica coffee bean from Ethiopia, which is said to be the birthplace of coffee, and developed a whisky aged in both European and American oak casks which deliver notes reminiscent of a divinely sweet yet strong espresso."


Our Take

It seems like Macallan's Harmony Collection strategy is Discarded Husk + Whisky That Taste Like What Comes From Said Husk + Gastro Celebrity Partnership = Big Hype

Well, it works. Safe to say, this will be just as popular as its predecessor and you can bet it'll be incredibly sought after. 

It'll be interesting to see who the coffee masters are who had a hand in this.

If you can get it at RRP, for a myriad of reasons, get it. Even if you don't wanna drink it, someone'll gladly take it off your hands and spot you your next bottle.


Cop the Drop or Not Verdict: Cop At RRP 





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