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Two New Well Aged Bruichladdich - 18 Year Old & 30 Year Old, The Latter From Pre-Closure


Bruichladdich, the famous unpeated whisky of Islay, is now beloved worldwide and has one of the strongest community of fans (who by the way regularly work with the distillery to bottle community commemorative bottlings) - but most might've forgotten that it wasn't too long ago that the distillery had revived and reopened its doors!

What was first established in 1881 by three Harvey brothers, had at one point in its history been the most advanced distillery on Islay with some very uniquely tall and narrow necked distillation stills, and yet slightly over a century later, it was acquired by Whyte and Mackay and eventually shut down due to excess capacity in 1994.



It was eventually the legendary Mark Reynier who led a team to buy back the distillery, personally knocking on its doors and turning it around. The distillery reopened its doors in 2001 and hasn't looked back since.

You can read all about the fantastical story of Bruichladdich here - it's a wild story!

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It seems like Bruichladdich is looking to celebrate its history and revival with two new expressions named Re/Define Eighteen 18 Year Old and Re/Define Thirty 30 Year Old.



"18 Aged Years. We believe the Islay whisky should have a sense of place, of terroir that speaks of the land, the barley and water from which it was made, and the human soul that gave it life. This ultra-high provenance single malt whisky is that vision realised.

Since reopening our distillery in 2001. We set course to make the most thought-provoking spirits possible. Following decades of commitment to our raw ingredients, pioneering terroir and championing an all Islay maturation we have created the Bruichladdich Eighteen. Encompassing our signature house style, this single malt has notes of green fruits and gooseberry - the ultimately reconnection of land, community and dram."

The new Bruichladdich Re/Define Eighteen 18 Year Old is bottled at 50% ABV.



"30 Aged years. A single malt that tells the story of our resurrection. From the rebuilding of our Victorian distillery and island community, to the survival of our rarest - almost lost - single malts.

The Bruichladdich story almost ended in the late 20th Century when the doors were forced to close. Since 2001, we have rebuilt and restored the Victorian distillery, uncovering and safeguarding the single malts which have been quietly maturing for over 30 years. Shaped by an all Islay maturation, under the guardianship of determined hands, this Bourbon cask matured single malt has notes of dark chocolate and honey - and captured a pivotal moment in time for Bruichladdich and our steadfast island community."

The new Bruichladdich Re/Define Thirty 30 Year Old is bottled at 43% ABV. 


What is most notable of the two new releases is that the Bruichladdich Re/Define Thirty 30 Year Old dates further back then the 2001 revival of the distillery, which makes this amongst the last batches distilled before the distillery's closure in 1994!




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