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Urawa Horse Racing x Venture Whiskey Collaboration Whiskey

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Urawa Racecourse and Ichiro's Malt venture whiskey collaboration. The name of the whiskey is “Urawa Horse Racing Original Ichiro's Malt” . 

In Kentucky, the birthplace of bourbon whiskey, we focused on the culture of enjoying horse racing while drinking whiskey. In July 2021, we approached them about joint development.


The Bottle

The “Urawa Horse Racing Original Ichiro's Malt” is a part of the “Saitama! Urawa Horse Racing Original Ichiro's Malt” is the third installment of the Saitama!

Mr. Rui Ishida of the Saitama Prefecture Urawa Horse Racing Association, which manages Urawa Horse Racing, says that he hopes the sale of the collaborative product will encourage people to visit the track and feel the power of horse racing firsthand.

The “Urawa Horse Racing Original Ichiro's Malt” will be presented to the winners of all 10 Urawa Horse Racing Grand Prix races in 2022, and a limited number of five bottles per day will be sold by lottery to visitors on the day of the races.



Detailed information about the whiskey is not available at this time, but from the words “Malt & Grain” on the label, I would guess that it is world blended. Also, based on the color and the selling price, I believe that it is made from a long term aged raw spirit.

The label design is also related to horse racing, with an illustration of a horseshoe and a photo of a race printed on it, making it a must-have for whiskey and horse racing fans.

I would love to actually taste the “Mint Julep” cocktail made with this whiskey at the race track.


Product Name

Urawa Horse Racing Original Ichiro's Malt

Number of bottles sold 50 bottles per year
Number of Degrees 58% alcohol by volume
Classification Blended whisky
Barrel type Bourbon barrels
Contents 700ml
Release Date See below
Sales Price

18,420 yen


"A pleasant oak aroma that rises slowly, and a sweetness and acidity reminiscent of elegant plums.

The refreshing impression that spreads gently in the mouth is reminiscent of coniferous trees covered in morning dew.

With a little watering, the fruity flavor spreads further, so take your time and enjoy."

Ms. Yumi Yoshikawa, Global Brand Ambassador, Venture Whiskey Co.



How to Purchase

How to apply: Fill out the application form in front of the prefectural products store in the Urawa Racecourse on the day of the race and drop it in the application box (*100 yen admission fee to the racecourse is required).

Announcement of winners: Notification of winners will be sent out approximately two weeks after the drawing date.

How to purchase: Bring the winning notification to the Urawa Racecourse Prefectural Products Shop during the sales period on each lottery day (see below).


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