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Wild Turkey Brings Three Generations Together for Launch of "Generations" Bourbon


American whiskey maker Wild Turkey Distilling Company is paying tribute to one of whiskey making's most iconic families with the launch of the new Wild Turkey Generations, a limited release bourbon expression borne out of a collaboration between Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce Russell - a grandfather, father and son trio.

Jimmy Russell is the longest-tenured, active Master Distiller in the global spirits industry today and first began working at the Wild Turkey distillery in 1954, where henceforth he became an instrumental figure in shaping Kentucky bourbon. Jimmy was later inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2001, and later began to teach his son Eddie about the craft of whiskey making, and Eddie later was inducted in the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2010. Eddie later also made a student out of his own son Bruce, who know acts as an Associate Blender at Wild Turkey. 



Wild Turkey Generations is a blend of four different types of bourbon chosen by Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce based on their unique palates, preferences and expertise. The blend contains a 12 year bourbon selected by Bruce, a 9 year old bourbon selected by Jimmy, a 14 year old bourbon selected by Eddie and finally a 15 year old bourbon selected by Eddie and Bruce.

This rare release aptly features the signatures of all three Russells on the custom-etched bottle. Generations was created with the aim of celebrating family and bold spirit, said Bruce Russell, "My dad always says we are more than the name on the bottle – and this was my first opportunity to bring my own point of view while also applying everything I've learned from him and my granddad. We love this whiskey and are so proud of the story it tells."

"I've made some great whiskies throughout my career, and Generations is going in my hall of fame," said Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. "The experience of working with my son and grandson to create a blend that celebrates our family and tradition has been a highlight of my career."

Official Tasting Notes


Oak and vanilla followed by floral and spice notes with hints of baked apple, toffee, and cloves


Sweet notes of vanilla, caramel, and dark cherry give way to warm notes of pepper and aged oak ​


Soft wood notes give way to mocha-coffee, oak, and black pepper ​

Approximately 5,000 bottles of Wild Turkey Generations will be available at select retailers in the United States, and sold as a RRP of $450. Wild Turkey fans in the United States can sign up for exclusive access to a limited online pre-sale via the Wild Turkey community newsletter here





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