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Winnie The Pooh Art Series Comes To Chichibu


It looks like Chichibu's affinity with iconic childhood characters continues on!

We just saw the Chichibu US Edition 2024 labels donning the classic Mickey Mouse character from the earliest animation which featured Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie

It seems like we should be expecting more of the classics!

This time we've got a set of three Chichibu labels featuring drawings of Winnie the Pooh!



Much like it was in the case of the Chichibu US Edition 2024, the use of these iconic Disney characters have begun public domain as of late, as their copyright has finally expired, decades after they first made their debut.

In the case of Winnie the Pool, the loveable character was first introduced in 1961, and finally saw its copyright expire in January 2022, making it free for public use in illustrations outside of Disney.   

For this Chichibu Winnie the Pooh series, we're seeing a four-part series of single casks of the Japanese single malt!

  • "Those who are clever, who have a brain, never understand anything.", Cask #5882, 8 Years Old, Distilled 2016, 64.7% ABV, Bourbon First Fill Cask, Odyssey Barley, 149 Bottles

  • "I'm not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.", Cask #7634, 7 Years Old, Distilled 2017, 64.8% ABV, Second Fill Hogshead Cask, Propino Barley, 294 Bottles

  • "A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.", Cask #12507, 9 Years Old, Distilled 2015, 62.5% ABV, Koshu White Wine Cask, Odyssey Barley, 260 Bottles

  • "What I like best is just doing nothing.", Cask #7084, 7 Years Old, Distilled 2016, 64% ABV, Bourbon, 2nd Fill ex-Peated, Propino Barley, 205 Bottles


Another set of Chichibu's that we think is going to be very hotly popular!




88 Bamboo Editorial Team