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Asahi Beer - Asahi Steiny (1959)

This vintage advertisement was commissioned by Asahi Beer to commemorate the sale of 30 million bottles of Asahi Steiny. This poster took home the gold award at the first post-war Warsaw International Poster Biennial.

Prior to the creation of this poster, the cap and label background of the Asahi Steiny, a small sized beer, was in gold. The designer, Nagai Kazumasa, proposed changing it to white. This decision resulted in a poignant imagery of the Asahi Steiny bottle, against the backdrop of thousands of red suns.

What a distinctive way to pay nationalistic homage to Asahi’s origin country, the Land of the Rising Sun! Bonus points: it also serves to remind the viewer that despite 300 million bottles sold (in itself, no mean feat!), this is merely the dawn of Asahi’s rise.

A new day awaits.


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