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Cognac Otard – “Oh! de l' Otard le meilleur!” (1922)

This vintage lithographic print poster by F. Champenois was released in the 1922, commissioned by French cognac house Otard to advertise the Cognac Otard.

This print features the characters of Pierrot and Columbine, and cheekily turns on its head the romantic fate of Pierrot. Pierrot is a a classic French pantomime character whose origins lie in the Comédie-Italienne, a late 17th century troupe of Italian players in that performed in Paris. In plays and on screen, Pierrot is often depicted in unrequited pining for Columbine.

Yet in this ad, Pierrot finally gets his girl! This is a feat no doubt achieved with the help of a bottle of irresistible Cognac Otard.

The castle featured in the backdrop is the Chateau de Cognac, granted to the Otard family in 1796. The Otard family sold the brand to Martini & Rossi S.p.A in 1991, but to this day, the cellars in this 10th century castle are still used for the ageing of Otard Cognac casks.



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