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Fleischmann's - The Sniff That Launched a Million Sips (1972)

A vintage 'Scratch n Sniff'  Fleischmann's Gin advert published in magazines such as Life Magazine and Playboy in the United States during the 1970s. Fleischmann's was the first American-made gin, produced by Charles Louis Fleischmann who - together with his brother - created America's first commercial yeast product.

The creative incorporation of a 'Scratch and Sniff' component to this vintage Fleischmann print ad is equal parts playful and ingenious. By tapping into the consumers' multi sensorial imaginations, the advertisers were no doubt attempting to create more powerful associations of Flesichmann's gin with crisp, refreshing flavor notes.

Feeling parched? 

Perhaps you can attribute this to the crystal clear visual imagery of water drops condensed on a cool glass of Fleischmann's gin. Or perhaps, its the the olfactory smell of juniper wafting up from the page?

I'd argue it's not just the senses of sight and smell that's triggered here: the very act of scratching the page turns the magazine reader from the role of a passive consumer into an active participant. Activating one's sense of touch creates an added level of involvement - a crafty way of ensuring the memory of Fleischmann's is retained long enough for one to get to the nearest bottle shop.