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Kina-Cure - Viano (1930s)

This vintage art-decor advertisement, by artist Viano, was commissioned in the 1930s to promote Kina-Cure in France. Kina-Cure was an aperitif wine made from quinine and tonic water. 

Off the bat, one can't help but notice the joie de vivre in the postures of the three men! Each has an arm raised in celebration, a glass of Kina-Cure in hand, while the other is wrapped around a bottle of Kina-Cure. While all three are essentially the same man, this different manners of dressing helps illustrates the versatility of the drink - any occasion, Kina-Cure is sure to fill your cup!

There's a sharp and energetic nature to this advertisement that is accentuated by the contrast of red, green, and black colours. It's also useful for creating a sense of depth, such as when the artist Viano applies black shadowing behind the bottle, making it look almost as if it’s bursting through the 2D poster, standing larger than life next to the three men.