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Moet & Chandon - Cremant Imperial (1899) by Alphonse Mucha

This vintage ad print created by art nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha was commissioned by Moet & Chandon in 1899 to promote the Cremant Imperial champagne, titled "Moet & Chandon - Cremant Imperial".

In total, Mucha had created the poster three versions, each with the same figures but with different text, reading "Dry", "Cremant" and "Grand Cremant", for the corresponding three grades of the Imperial champagne to be marketed.

The women clad in Byzantine style dresses and robes depicted in a flowing fashion, along with motifs of flowers and a soft pastel palette were characteristic of the Art Nouveau style.

The style was favored as it associated the champagne with a sense of luxury, grandeur and sophistication, which the champagne maker had hoped would find resonance with the well-heeled, and could cement its position as a prestigious spirit of choice.