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A Velier Demerara Tasting For The Ages: 1991 Blairmont vs 1994 Albion vs 1995 Enmore & More


For aficionados of rum, it's widely acknowledged that Demerara Velier stands out as one of the most exceptional bottles in the world of rum.

This marks my inaugural experience sampling multiple Demerara Velier bottles in one sitting, allowing me to discern distinct stylistic nuances among each bottle and perhaps even identify individual distillation marks. Thanks to the hosting by a respectful friend! 

1994 Albion still has a special position there even compared with the other 12 bottles ♥️♥️♥️ 

When tasting these bottles, I simply noted the distinctions to discern their unique characteristics.

Blairmont 1991 Full Proof Old Demerara Rum, 56% ABV - Review



Tasting Notes: Well-rounded, massive sugary/caramel, milky notes with different layers, super sweet in a good way, great stuff!

Albion 1994 Full Proof Old Demerara Rum, 60.4% ABV - Review



Tasting Notes: Perfectly well rounded, milky and vanilla, yellow-red fruits, more complex with a bit of nice milk chocolate notes at the finish.

Enmore 1995 Full Proof Old Demerara Rum, 61.2% ABV - Review



Tasting Notes: A bit smoky, milky and vanilla, yellow to red fruits, powerful and flavorful.

Diamond 1996 Very Old Demerara Rum, 63.4% ABV - Review



Tasting Notes: Very well rounded, nice Sherry and red fruits bomb.

Uitvlugt 1996 Modified GS, 57.2% ABV - Review



Tasting Notes: Very well-rounded, yellow fruits with milky notes.

Uitvlugt 1997 ULR, 59.7% ABV - Review 



Tasting Notes: Massive yellow fruits, still a bit punchy from the oak, very, very fruity.

Port Mourant 1997 Very Old Demerara Rum, 65.7% ABV - Review



Tasting Notes: A bit sharp, liquid does not have much cask influence, yellow fruits, quite aggressive with milky oak notes.

Diamond 1999 SVW, 64.7% ABV - Review



Tasting Notes: A bit sharp from the cask oak taste, vanilla, and yellow to red fruit notes.

Diamond 1999 <S>, 53.1% ABV - Review



Tasting Notes: A very different flavor compared to the rest, does not have the milky/vanilla notes, but have a lot of green notes, strong Chinese medicines, dark chocolate, and wet wood.

Some very rare Blends

  • Diamond and Versailles 1996 SVSG Blended In The Barrel 57.9% ABV,
  • Diamond and Port Mourant 1999 <W>PM Blended In The Barrel 52.3% ABV,
  • Diamond and Port Mourant 1995 <SV>PM Blended In The Barrel, 62.1% ABV,
  • Enmore and Port Mourant 1998 EHPM Blended In The Barrel 62.2% ABV



Tasting Notes: 1999 was the most balanced one, all others have a big influence by the PM or VSG dark oak notes, all great bottles but not as good as the single mark bottles.




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