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Duo of Plantation Extreme No. 3 Jamaica Rums - HJC and ITP, 1996, 22 Year Old, Long Pond Distillery

Headed out to stock up on some stay home essentials, including this amazing 22-year-old Plantation Extreme No. 3 Jamaica HJC 1996 from the famed Long Pond Distillery!


Plantation's Extreme No. 3 Jamaica HJC 22 Year Old. (Image Source: @weixiang_liu)


Well clearly the HJC was starting to feel a bit lonely, therefore I had to get a bottle of its other half - Plantation Extreme No. 3 Jamaica ITP 1996 from Long Pond Distillery!


HJC seemed alittle lonely, but now it has the ITP to keep it company. (Image Source: @weixiang_liu)



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