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Havana Club Esencial De Los Cantineros, 40% ABV


A great evening at @originbarsg yesterday, catching up with @rumtender over a couple of drinks.

And being typically Adam, he’d always have something fairly unique on his shelves, and this time it came in the form of @havanaclub’s Esencial De Los Cantineros, released in 2017 to celebrate 200 years of El Floridita, a historic and iconic bar in Havana. The Esencial is a blend of Cuban rum bases with a “uniquely aromatic and rich aguardiente” made to accentuate the flavours of cocktails and even recreate the flavours of the daiquiris of old.

Tasting it, you immediately get the sense that this is something different from the usual younger Havana Club rums. It came across a lot more fatty and oily, with a richness that was far superior to the regular 3 Anos, and I suppose would thus lend greater character and boldness when used as the base rum of a daiquiri. Thanks Adam for sharing such a treat!


Image Courtesy of @weixiang_liu


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