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New Yarmouth 1994 Heavy Jamaican Rum, 27 Year Old, Lime House Asia (Singapore) bottled by Precious Liquors


Lime House is a Caribbean focused restaurant in Singapore that houses within it a very well stocked rum centric bar. The restaurant takes its name for the Caribbean term "liming" which refers to "the art of doing nothing while sharing food, drink, conversation and laughter" and is said to be a part of Caribbean culture. I'm down with that.

I've headed down several times for the food and the rum, both of which I personally enjoy greatly, with menu items like the jerk chicken, tribajam goat curry, and the fried plantains. As for their rum selection, the restaurant and bar has bottled a couple of rums for the restaurant, two of which in particular have been with rum and whisky distributor, Precious Liquors - a Caroni 1998 and a New Yarmouth 1994, which were selected by Lime House's then beverage director, Jarek Iwanowski (who has now started his own rum company, House of Cane!). 


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Today we'll be trying the New Yarmouth 1994 (at a showcase hosted by Precious Liquors), which comes from Jamaica's Clarendon Parish, and is managed by the island's oldest actively operating rum distillery, Appleton Estate. It's not a rum you'll find often given that most of it is primarily used for the Wray & Nephew branded rums - nevertheless, despite it's relatively smaller distribution, it has gained quite some popularity for its heavy flavours.

This New Yarmouth 1994 is full proof and was matured tropically for 24 years, before another 3 year of continental ageing in Scotland.

Let's get to it!

New Yarmouth 1994 Heavy Jamaican Rum, 27 Year Old, Lime House Asia (Singapore) bottled by Precious Liquors - Review


Tasting Notes

Aroma: First off - solid freshness. Tropical fruit baskets with lychees, guavas, grapes, fruit orchards, orange blossoms, but also it gets deeper with more Cognac-like aromas of raisins, liquorice, brown sugar, old vine, maltose candy. It’s quite bright, waxy and honeyed, with also some fresh laundry and white florals to boot.

Taste: Densely rich notes of brown sugar and baking spices, coupled with a bit of dirtiness of brine, black olives, alittle bit of plasticine, and diesel grease. Backed up by more black grapes, black tea leaves, mulled wine - again, rather Cognac like, honey, syrup, lots of raisins, alittle bit of woodiness too. 

Finish: More brown sugar, Bounty chocolate and coconut bars, more earthy here too - coffee grounds, tobacco leaves, lacquered wood, leather, and also a more obvious woody tannin.


My Thoughts

This was fantastic, so much to offer at every turn, but always packed with great richness, and while it’s mellow (allowing you to lean in without danger), it offers so much in depth and breadth. It’s at once rounded and balanced, while tending towards darker, more autumnal, sweet and earthy flavours. Where this pulls ahead is in keeping a sense of freshness nevertheless, that evolves as it turns more dry and earthy into the finish.

Great flavours and evolution along the way, I really enjoyed this so much, with all these lovely deeper, richer, more fruity and earthy flavours.

Ridiculous how friendly and yet nuanced this was, with all the depth galore.


My Rating: 9/10


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