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Plantation Extreme No.3, Jamaican HJC, 56.2%, 22 Year Old, 1996, Long Pond Distillery, Jamaica

The other half of Plantation’s Extreme No.3 - the Jamaican HJC 22 year old, distilled in 1996 and bottled at cask strength 56.2% abv. The HJC marque falls under the Plummer category of Jamaican Rums, with ester levels of between 120-150 g/hl AA.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)


The first nosing resembles a big molasses-based rum, rich honey sweetness. Its also pretty heavy and spicy, red peppercorns, and even some cumin. Leaving it out for some time, the more familiar Jamaican herbal notes and liquorice start to appear.

On the palate it is undoubtedly a funky Jamaican rum full of hogo and spice. All of that packs the initial palette, followed by a mix of heavy notes of petrol and iodine. It is only in the finish that it becomes more forgiving, displaying shades of sweetness, dried apricots, semi-bitter cocoa, and even strawberries!

The differences between the ITP and HJC couldn’t be starker. The HJC would definitely appeal to those who love a funkier and stronger Jamaican rum, those addicted to esters and the pungent notes of petrol and iodine, while folks like me who prefer a rounder, sweeter, and more balanced rum would certainly pick the ITP! But both are still great rums nonetheless, and perfectly complement each other in the Extreme No.3 edition.


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