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Port Mourant, 28 Year Old, Guyana, 46% ABV, Kingsbury

Kingsbury isn’t a household name when it comes to rum, and its releases are often exclusive only to the Japanese market despite operating out of Scotland. It is therefore no surprise that many of Kingsbury’s bottles have gone unnoticed even though they have bottled a number of unique Demeraras from the 70s, including this 28-year-old Port Mourant.

There is a dearth of information out there about this bottle, but I am grateful to @molemolermolest who had sought out Mr Manabu Sadamoto of @rumandwhiskykyoto, and has informed us that based on Mr Sadamoto’s own research, this demerara was likely distilled between 1970-72, and bottled between 1999-2000. What really struck me about this rum was the fact that it was uncoloured, because uncoloured demeraras from the 70s are as rare as hens teeth, and the only other example I’ve seen was the Cadenheads’ Port Mourant 1972 PDW.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

On the nose there is lots of pencil shavings in this one, eucalyptus, warm oak. It comes across fresh and uplifting, with wafts of yellow fruits, citrus, slight of baking spices, marshmallows. A wonderful and inviting rum that later opens up to florals and sweet nectar.

There’s a lovely roundness to the palate, lots of texture and its dilution is hardly recognisable. Indeed its quite markedly different from continentally aged demeraras of today as it has a certain depth, a smoothness around the edges and great balance about it. You get notes of those pencil shavings and sweet honey, that tiniest hint of iodine and leather, a bit of sulphur. Interestingly it finishes much like a Cuban rum, wafts of sweet cane juice coupled with oak, some dryness. Simplicity and elegance is key here, not complexity.

In essence, there is so much difference between this and the other 70s demeraras that tends to have more purple fruits and richness. This may possibly be attributed to the old practice of coating barrels with caramel for its colour, whereas this bottle was spared that treatment. Nonetheless, its always a joy to pick up a bottle from Kingsbury as it promises to be a unique and special demerara rum.


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