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Pusser's 50th Anniversary Black Tot, Trinidad and Guyana Blend, 54.5% ABV (109 Proof)

Stoked to have gotten a bottle of Pusser’s 50th Anniversary Black Tot Day Blend, a combination of aged Trinidadian and Guyanese rums blended to the exact specification used by the Admiralty when it discontinued the issue.

Will be keeping the bottle unopened for now, but still looking very much forward to tasting this navy rum with the sample I got from The Whisky Exchange


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

Afternote: Instantly fell in love with the Pusser's 50th Anniversary Black Tot when I tasted it. On the nose is ripe bananas, with a hint of petrol (likely from the Trinidadian component). On the palate are red apples, caramel, and much lingering vanilla. Some spiciness and a bit of funk but nonetheless very smooth. Its little wonder why the Royal Navy rum has always been so highly regarded!


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