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Skeldon 2000, El Dorado Rums, 58.3% ABV, Guyana

Today’s bottle is one that bears a name and marque that has a near mythical status in the rum world - El Dorado Rums’ Skeldon 2000 from the rare cask series. Skeldons are some of the most sought after rums currently, and El Dorado’s release is only the third rum to bear the name.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

For those not too familiar with rum history, Skeldon is one of the many sugar plantations in Guyana which also distilled rum. While the distillery had shut since 1960, the Skeldon marque SWR continues to be produced at the Diamond Distillery using the French Savalle Stills.

The nose is full of rich, warm molasses, toffee, sweet vanilla, smoked jerky, red apples, raisins and some hints of glue and mustiness. Its a big rum, with plenty to offer on the nose and the palette!

On the palate, the richness is great. Honey treacle, brown sugar, oily, creamy, dark cocoa. In the middle little hints of iodine, and a nice balance of liquorice and rubber. Some bitterness from the 18 years of tropical aging and even some savoury meats. The finish is short and dry, with sweet bananas, and raisins.

If you ever wondered what is meant by a “big rum”, I’d think that this Skeldon fits the profile perfectly. There’s no mistake that this is a powerhouse of a molasses-based rum, but I think it all comes together very well, maybe one of the best I’ve had so far. In addition, the tropical aging gives it a richness and a unique complexity that continental aging is unable to, making this an all round delicious demerara that could possibly live up to the mythical status of Skeldon rums!


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