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Tequila/Mezcal Reviews

Topanito Espadin Mezcal Artesanal Blanco, 52% ABV



Topanito is a brand of agave spirits owned by Perola GmbH, a German spirits import and distribution company that distributes wines, rums, cachaças and mezcals, including Cava de Oro tequila. Not a lot of marketing campaigns have yet been done for Topanito, and there seems to be a good reason. According to Perola, Topanito was founded to fill a gap in the hotel and restaurant sector, as a means to provide good quality 100% agave spirits at a reasonable price that would be sustainable in the long term.

Topanito bottles a range of unaged (blanco) and aged tequilas and artesanal mezcals.  Bottle labels were initially really basic, but the brand has since given itself a makeover to emphasise the Aztec heritage of the Mexico product.

Topanito has two main Artesanal Mezcal Espadin labels, a lighter 40% ABV label and a stronger 52% ABV. 7-year-old espadin agaves are harvested and the mezcal is ultimately produced in a Oaxaca distillery.

I had a chance to taste the stronger Topanito Artesanal Mezcal 52% ABV at Jaguarita's, a modern Mexican-inspired bar and taproom at The Metropolis in Singapore. Being a self-proclaimed Mexican food fanatic I can assure you that the quesadilla and birria tacos are fantastic. They've even got very decent craft beers here – their bosses are pretty chummy with another popular beer joint in town, Orh Gao Taproom.



This is part of Jaguarita's spirit flight, which serves the spirits in cute Mexican copitas. I appreciated that touch—it felt genuine, you know? It's like I got a tiny slice of Mexico in Singapore.

Let's give this a taste!

Topanito Espadin Mezcal Artesanal Blanco, 52% ABV – Review


Colour: Colourless

Nose: Rather mild. Opens gently with subtle hints of sweet floral nectar and honey, evolving into a lively peppery kick paired with the bright zing of lemon peel and pomelo. Underlying these vibrant notes, there's a chalky, mineral-like quality, rounded off with a faint whiff of rosemary.

Palate: Very velvety texture from the first sip. The initial notes can best be described as fresh pineapple juice and burnt rubber, which is quickly replaced by a growing sense of sweet ashiness and a slight musty undertone. As the flavour turns sweeter, some hints of vanilla and caramel, rounded off by a liquorice-inspired sweetness with a mild metallic edge. In the background there's a peppery intensity that grows steadily, reaching a comfortable peak and then levelling out.

Finish: Rather long, presenting an enduring dry, smoky sensation. This is complemented by the persistent tingling of pepper and a refreshing hint of spearmint, leaving a lasting impression at the back of the throat.



My Thoughts

😌 Hits the right spots while still being very approachable.

This is a fairly approachable mezcal. It delivers the essence of the spirit without pushing the boundaries too far, giving you a refined, mellow smokiness that feels just right – not too overpowering. This would satisfy a frequent mezcal drinker - especially if used in a cocktail. But more importantly, it's a genuine entry point for newcomers to the world of mezcal.