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ANON. Batch 4, 2000, 20 Year Old, Undisclosed Highland Single Malt, Abbey Whisky, 52.5% ABV



ANON. Batch 4 - 2000/2020
Undisclosed Highland Single Malt
52.5% ABV, Abbey Whisky, 144 bottles
Nose: A little shy, but certainly it’s Clynelish yet more gentle and somewhat more mature. Apples, apple cider, sweet barley notes and whispers of peach and vanilla. Melted butter, as well as lime and a touch of lemon zest. A little bit mineral, not as waxy as you might I expected.
Palate: This is where the Clynelish really starts to sparkle as soon as it touched the tongue. Sweets on arrival, creamy, very fruity, and with a hint of beeswax as well. Complex? Yes! Grapes, bananas, some grape fruit too, whiff of menthol, some leather, wax and tobacco leaves.
Finish: Very long. Waxy notes accompanied by ginger and apple. Picked up is very fast and ended on a high note. Displays some of true Clynelish trademark characteristics.


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